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Galvanic Face Spa
Galvanic Face Spa

Galvanic Face Spa

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Ever thought about getting botox? or maybe even a facelift? Injections in your lips to make them more pouty? Then check out this incredible alternative. Our Galvanic Face Spa has a huge celebrity following and has even featured in Botched Up Bodies as a #1 alternative to botox and fillers. Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and renovate your body. This System features a larger, brighter display, intuitive usability, and enhanced ergonomics.  


  • irons out wrinkles and fine lines
  • works as a face lift
  • plumps lips
  • revitalizes scalp
  • tones face
  • removes eye bags
  • improves complexion


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